Saturday, April 2, 2011

Ephemeral Echo

CINECITY 2011_FINAL_Ephemeral Echo_Yvette Hamilton from Yvette Hamilton on Vimeo.

Here it is! A while in the making for a 60" film, but I'm happy with the results. 14 different tracks of audio and more vision layers and effects than you can poke a stick at! My poor rickety macbook almost had kittens trying to run the Avid editing software with all of the renders and effects that are ensconsed within.
This is my film for the Cinecity Workshop - part of the annual Australian Institute of Architect’s National Conference. The brief is to create a 60 second film exploring the brief of 'Natural Artiface' and communicating /questioning /exploring – an architectural idea about space and how we experience it.You can check out more of the films being made for Cinecity here.

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