Sunday, December 20, 2009

New website

Well, my technological knight in shining armour has been working overtime, and I now have a shiny new website. It still needs a bit of work, just a few tweaks, a bit of updating etc but it's there!
It's an interesting process to have a whole bunch of work from over the years sitting right next to each other in a gallery page. It's a birds-eye view that helps me to see a pattern behind the stuff that I make. I find that when I'm immersed in each different project, it often doesn't feel very linked to the previous one.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Work in Progress

                                                 Untitled film still 
An exciting development! My super 8 film, that I was assured wouldn't be ready until after Christmas, surprisingly was ready for collection today! I'm playing around with perception patterns, narrative and mystery...some things don't change. These themes have been bounding around for me for ages. I'm unsure how this work will play out, I don't like to reveal too much of the process behind my images/films, as it's all part of the sense of mystery that I like to create. But suffice to say, I'm so thankful for my in-house technological knight in shining armour, he's proven that he can make both analogue and digital technology bend to his will!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Bright Star

Ahhh, Jane Campion. 
A favourite of mine.
I truly believe there is something amazingly different about creative kiwis. My Mum's side of the family are all crazy kiwis who are fascinatingly diverse and strikingly individual and original people, so maybe that is where my theory originates! I can't wait to see Bright Star. I saw glimpses of the filming of it around Hampstead when we were living in London about two years ago. I lived about a 10 minute walk from Keat's house on the edge of Hampstead Heath.
Check out the Jane Campion's Bright Star production website.

Olden Days

 "Aether" - Type C photographic print

I'd thought I'd share some previous work, to maybe give a sense of what and where my art-making is coming from.

                                                                     " Cocoon" - wood, paint, wallpaper

It also gives me a chance, to review, take stock, and see where where it all needs to go now. Starting this blog is my way of giving myself a gigantic boot up the arse - after four fantastic years of art college (@ COFA) and a few years of attempting to "make-it" as a real artist, I delved pretty deeply into my evolving media career.

"Ghost Touch" - Type C photographic prints

But too many years of giving too much energy to the day job (which I love, by the way), and putting too many eggs in the professional basket, leaves me all a bit wonky and out of balance.

                                         "I Have Built A Solid Ship" - Type C photographic print

This blog is my attempt to "report in" every day, or as much as possible, and keep art-making front and centre. I was just reading Design Files interview with hello sandwich and that Ebony girl makes me feel mighty lazy!!!!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009


On an expedition to find some pressed metal for an upcoming series of work - we had our own version of 52 Suburbs. Rockdale and Turella - where we stumbled upon these trees. Making the seemingly impossible possible.