Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Night!

Expanded Architecture 2011 lit up the walls, floors and architectural details of Carriageworks on Wednesday 26th November from 7 - 10pm. Evolved from a more traditional screen based film festival style screening and panel discussion in 2010 - we deliberately went beyond the screen and called out for artists, designers and architects to respond to the amazing architecture of the Cariageworks foyer.

All of the works in the exhibition were moving projection installations that were made up of footage shot on site or in the surrounding urban environment.

Participating Artists were:

FloodSlicer + Beth Steven
Adam Russell (DRAW) + Suzy Pickles (Kann Finch/Staple Design)
The Conductors (Thomas Rivard, Michael Lewarne,
Francesca Veronesi, Paul J. Warren)
Killanoodle (Michael Killalea, Sarah Barns, Ian Plowman)
MNP Projects (Linda Matthews, Sarah Nolan, Gavin Perin)
Lucy Rimmer + Irina Belova
Marcia Jane 
Nicholas Maurer 
Office Feuerman
Bert Bongers
Tega Brain

All photos above by Alex Wisser - including the one above of me (on the right) and Sarah Breen Lovett in front of our work "Corridor".

All photos below taken by myself and my ever obliging Dad, Ian Hamilton.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The fabulous Ms Emin

Illuminating, engaging, intelligent, fascinating - the amazing Ms Emin is profiled in this thoughtful interview. It made me want to know more. I might get the book.

I'll post photos from last night's Expanded Architecture soon - it was a great night!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Expanded Architecture 2011 on tonight! (sneak peek)







 All photos above - Alex Wisser

It's finally happening...and here's your sneak peek! The pictures above show just a few of the works on tonight, there are more amazing works that we're keeping under wraps until tonight!

Expanded Architecture 2011 will be lighting up the cavernous and evocative Carriageworks foyer tonight!
We've done our test night, (where the photos above were taken), I've hand folded over 500 catalogues (my poor fingers!), and it looks like we're all set to go! 
...I need not mention my nightmare last night, where I was stumbling through the Carriageworks building tripping over power cables and not knowing where I was! 

Expanded Architecture 2011 at Carriageworks (245 Wilson St Eveleigh) part of the Sydney Architecture Festival.


Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Does this look like Graham Kennedy to anyone else?
Yes, juggling! Ever since the little Count has arrived on the scene, the theme to my life is juggling. Sometimes I hum the classic circus tune in my head as I juggle priorities and actions in my head! At first it was...
"Right - he's asleep for I don't know how long, so should I eat, sleep or nap?"
Now it's settled down a bit more it's more a case of...
"He'll be asleep for 45 minutes tops, so can I eat breakfast, have a shower and make an artwork in 45 minutes?"

The artwork in question is a collaborative piece I've been working on with the super-dynamo Miz S. The co-curator and founder of Expanded Architecture - the exhibition I've been banging on about for a while now...

We've been generating bit of press in the lead up to Expanded Architecture 2011. We've been featured in Vogue Living, Belle and this great article below in Artshub (which I've copied in full).

Expanded Architecture is happening on the 26th October at Carriageworks in Sydney - all part of the Sydney Architecture Festival.

CarriageWorks canvas for Architecture

By ArtsHub ArtsHub | Saturday, September 10, 2011
Marcia Jane's Energy Field  
The Sydney Architecture festival will transform CarriageWorks into a giant canvas of moving imagery for one night only, with the help of artists, filmmakers and architects.
The Expanded Architecture exhibition aims to explore the intersection between avant-garde film, art and architecture, including 12 collaborative teams and solo artists from these fields. Participants have created an original moving image work to be projected onto the floors, walls and ceilings
Co-curator of Expanded Architecture Sarah Breen Lovett said, “Expanded Architecture explores the intersection of art and architecture, which is one of the key themes of the 2011 Sydney Architecture Festival.”
“We invited collaborative proposals from local artists, architects and filmmakers for moving image projections and film installations that responded to the foyer space of CarriageWorks or its immediate urban environment,” she explained.
Seven collaborative teams will have their works projected onto the walls, including documentary film footage of a rave party; bending railway tracks from the floor up the walls; and projected animation focusing on the experience of children.
It also involves the works of five individual artists including Energy Field by artist Marcia Jane, a bright circle of light pulsating out of a black space to fill the surrounding area with a shimmering pattern of light; interactive artist Bert Bongers with Facets of CarriageWorks, an interactive video installation on the floor of CarriageWorks featuring pre-recorded footage of the precinct’s architectural structure.
Expanded Architecture is part of the official program of the 2011 Sydney Architecture Festival and will be presented at CarriageWorks from 7pm until 10pmon Wednesday 26th October 2011.
The exhibition is free entry but bookings are required through
The Sydney Architecture festival is a 10 day celebration of architecture beginning October 20. As Australia’s only Architecture Festival, it aims to stimulate debate and offer fresh perspectives about what constitutes good architecture and design and how to create a sustainable, healthy and culturally rich built environment.

Friday, September 23, 2011


I've been off the radar a bit with my latest production...born on the 4th August, the little dude and I have been spending a lot of time just getting to know each other. A lot of feeding, thankfully a good amount of sleeping, and a lot of poo-ing! These early days are all a bit hazy still, but I'm aiming to be back here more often soon...

Monday, July 25, 2011

RIP Margaret Olley

Margaret Olley portrait by Ben Quilty. Winner 2011 Archibald Prize.

"I’m like an old tree dying and setting forth flowers as fast as I can, while it still can..."
quote from here

image from here
The ultimate bohemian, Margaret Olley died today aged 88.

Saturday, July 23, 2011


Some shots I took at Carriageworks, preparing for Expanded Architecture 2011. I love the Carriageworks space, so cavernous, so evocative, so many industrial details...
We're calling for proposals now for EA 2011 - the deadline is August 19th. It's a one night only exhibition - of site specific projection installation works happening on Wednesday 26th October. The walls/details/columns of the Carriageworks space itself are the canvas. If you know any artists, architects, designers, film makers, students etc who may be interested - send them this way. Details about entering can be found here. Our facebook page is here.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

If I were a REAL artist...

If I were a real artist...well, I always thought I'd be a painter. I love the idea of the mess, the paint, the brushes, the turps...

My friend is currently on residency at the Queen St Studios so I got a chance to have a look around at the amazing studio spaces. They'll only be in existence for a short while longer until they make way for more of the Central Park development on Broadway.

 You can check out an open day and exhibition on on Sunday July 31st. There are some amazing artists in residence at the moment, so go have a sticky beak. I'll most probably be hanging out with my newborn son who will hopefully have made his appearance by then! If not, I'll be there...the massive looking one...