Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Untitled - Type C print

Mmm, the title of no title. I've always kind of poked fun at it a bit, but sometimes it can be the right thing to do. Not sure it would be the right thing to do with this image. But I have yet to discover where exactly this series is going, so it will remained untitled for now, but not 'Untitled' you see...


Untitled - Type C print

I've often dreamed up titles for works before they are created. In fact, I currently have a one particular project that I've been ruminating on for quite some time now, which has a kick ass title. But here, with this work, I feel as if I'm still working it out. With a lot of my work being quite abstract and yet deliberately suggestive of form or narrative, I often feel that my titles are clues. They function for me as breadcrumbs, to attempt to coax the viewer into a deeper interaction with the work.

Untitled - Type C print

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Trusty Boots Projector

                                              the zoom master 200

This is my trusty super 8 film projector, my knight in shining armour bought it for me when we were living in London. It came complete with a fantastic and invaluable instruction booklet, that I still need to consult most times it gets dragged out! There's something very special to me inherent in the qualities of images created through film. Something that I feel is lost in the digital capture.
When I print photos from negative, the printing process most often becomes more important than the image capture itself. Using my super 8 at home is my way of creating my very own home darkroom.