Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Les Archives Du Coeur

While in Tasmania recently, the Count and I stumbled upon Mona Foma a contemporary art festival head annually in Hobart. I was so excited that our trip coincided with it as I had heard a great interview on the radio with Brian Ritchie the curator (and also Violet Femmes member). We didn't get to see much while we were there, but we did get to take part in Christian Boltanksi's 'Archives Du Coeur' project!

The Count getting his heartbeat recorded for Christian Boltanksi's 'Les Archives Du Coeur'

Since 2005 Christian Boltanski seeks to collect heartbeat recordings around the world, to bring together all the hearts of mankind. A truly universal project, these Archives du coeur will be kept sheltered from the effects of time on the Japanese island of Teshima, in the Inland Seto Sea, made available by a philanthropist 

I now have a CD recording of my heartbeat, all the proceeds of the recordings - (the charge $5 for the CD), were going to disaster relief in Haiti. But I can be safe in the knowledge that even if I lose this said CD my heartbeat is locked up in some vault on the Japanese island of Teshima. Which thus far seems to be famous for illegal waste dumping.


Cute work in progress covering an electricty meter box near Darling St Rozelle. Wonder how it's going to end up? I think it's by Chris Whelan (that's if I've spelt his name right) He left a note on the top with his name and website details saying that the work had been comissioned by Leichhardt council

My Rozelle meandering also led me to Atereal a gallery that represents my old amazing photo media tutor Simone Douglas. They've got a really nice exhibition there at the moment showcasing Claude Jones and Rhonda Dee. Rhonda Dee's work really seemed to sum up my mood today!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Who needs a light meter?


New Year's for us was spent at Blackheath at this fantastic guesthouse. We bushwalked, ate and slept and fantasised about leaving the big smoke and living up in the Mountains. I think this is always a good indicator of a great holiday - when you start to entertain notions of de-camping from the day to day and moving into your holiday full time!...or maybe it just means we need more holidays!

I shot these images during our last (misty) morning up in the mountains, and only just received the film back. There is something great about having to wait for your images in the digital age! Towards the end of the filming I realised I hadn't turned my light meter on! D'oh! So I was extremely trepidatious about whether anything would turn out. When I got the film back I gingerly eased out a few feet of it, hoping to see something...but as far as I could see it was a blank, then I eased out a few more feet, and a few legible frames appeared! Hooray!