Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Working from Home

My little work desk, pictured here with the all important cup of tea accompanying the 1 terrabyte beast of a hard drive that lends some much needed guts to my somewhat puny macbook. My desk is graced with artwork by the uber talented flossy-p (top middle frame) and benconservato (left hand frame).
Here sits my at-home Creative Director - Boboli-Cat.
Keeping watch, as I keep trucking along editing.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Holding Back

Holding Back from Yvette Hamilton on Vimeo.

Oblique 1

                                  Oblique 1 - Type C photograph

Here's the work that I exhibited at 'At The Vanishing Point' gallery in Newtown as part of the 'Head On' photography festival. I was super suprised when I showed up at the gallery on the last day of the show to find that it had gone off without me. I sold it! To someone....I don't know! So thank you - lovely patron of art whoever you are!