Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ye olde lovely

After posting my rave about the Museum of Old and New Art the other day - here and here, I thought I'd share the uber-cool place we stayed in Hobart. The Count organised the whole trip (as a birthday surprise for me - awww) and he debated for a little bit whether we should actually stay at MONA in their accommodation. Phwoar - totally gorgeous, but maybe we save it for when we're gazillionaires. Instead we stayed here at the step-back-in-time Astor Private Hotel.

The current manager, Tildy, is such a character, so warm and welcoming and hilarious! She told us that the building has always been a private hotel and has always been run by women, from the very first co-managers who were "companions"! It's a basic European style guest house, with just cereal and toast for brekky, but it was just great to explore all of its nooks, crannies, parlours and rich original furnishings. Definitely a place to stay if you like a simple, but super clean and tidy place, with a bit of character!

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  1. It's a wonderful place to stay! Love the photos. Remember to bring Tildy a present (something bird-related maybe) if you want to use the free wifi.