Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Night!

Expanded Architecture 2011 lit up the walls, floors and architectural details of Carriageworks on Wednesday 26th November from 7 - 10pm. Evolved from a more traditional screen based film festival style screening and panel discussion in 2010 - we deliberately went beyond the screen and called out for artists, designers and architects to respond to the amazing architecture of the Cariageworks foyer.

All of the works in the exhibition were moving projection installations that were made up of footage shot on site or in the surrounding urban environment.

Participating Artists were:

FloodSlicer + Beth Steven
Adam Russell (DRAW) + Suzy Pickles (Kann Finch/Staple Design)
The Conductors (Thomas Rivard, Michael Lewarne,
Francesca Veronesi, Paul J. Warren)
Killanoodle (Michael Killalea, Sarah Barns, Ian Plowman)
MNP Projects (Linda Matthews, Sarah Nolan, Gavin Perin)
Lucy Rimmer + Irina Belova
Marcia Jane 
Nicholas Maurer 
Office Feuerman
Bert Bongers
Tega Brain

All photos above by Alex Wisser - including the one above of me (on the right) and Sarah Breen Lovett in front of our work "Corridor".

All photos below taken by myself and my ever obliging Dad, Ian Hamilton.

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