Friday, September 23, 2011


I've been off the radar a bit with my latest production...born on the 4th August, the little dude and I have been spending a lot of time just getting to know each other. A lot of feeding, thankfully a good amount of sleeping, and a lot of poo-ing! These early days are all a bit hazy still, but I'm aiming to be back here more often soon...


  1. OH MY god he is bloody gorgeous love! So very very happy for you. look at you being a MUM!!! xxxxx

  2. I second that. He is bloody gorgeous!!!! He has your beautiful almondy eyes :D

    And he looks like such a happy little camper too. My little Millipede didn't smile bog like that for many more months.

    LOVE that first photo. Treasure that little snuggly curl, how I miss it. Now I get face slaps, hair pulls and lip yanks. ;)

  3. sorry, I meant to say "smile big", obviously NOT "smile BOG". YIKES, I was up seriously frequently last night. A little less than smooth today.

  4. he is super gorgeous!
    congrats :)
    thanks for your visit.