Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Gaffa tape fail.

These are my works in the 'gallery' part of the 'Our House' exhibition.
Now, let me tell you the behind the scenes story...
I spent the good part of two days creating this 'wall' and preparing my work to hang on it and behind it. Jigsaws, hammers, drills, paint, gaffa tape and even set squares were involved....but gaffa tape is where I went wrong.

I arrived at the studios with less than two hours to get ready before the opening night - thinking I just had to press play on my DVD work and run upstairs to do the real set up of multiple computers and projectors for this work.

Instead, I found my frame had fallen off the wall, chipping the paint I had lovingly applied to it....which I had stupidly decided to attach to said wall with...gaffa tape. Many frantic phonecalls to the Count ensued, and he saved the day by picking up some super-strength double sided tape to re-attach it to the wall. I concentrated on getting the projections sorted, then raced downstairs and applied fresh paint over the bits that had chipped off with minutes to spare before the opening night crowd poured in. 

Photo: Arunas Photography

Note to self: gaffa tape is good, but not that good. Image above is me lining up for a much needed glass of wine.

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  1. I have so much faith in gaffa tape too, I'm a little sad to hear it failed you! But hurrah for a good outcome (including wine!). The installation looks great, wish I had of seen it in person.

    I wanted to say thank you SO much for your comment re: Sydney stuff on my blog - so great! I left a reply over there but wasn't sure you'd pick it up :)