Friday, August 6, 2010

Flowerbox Building

Pottymouthmama got me inspired to browse all things NYC in her Fantasy Island Friday post yesterday, and this is what I stumbled across.
This is the Flowerbox building on 259 East 7th St in East Village NYC.

An apartment building development with a difference - the vertical garden was completed in September 2007. The garden consists of over 500 plants and 80 different species. The design by Verdant Garden Design.

All of the apartments have 12-foot-high, floor-to-ceiling windows, (with perhaps a somewhat more picturesque view than my current back of the house next door), central air-conditioning and radiant floor heating  (mmm floor heating). The building has a part-time doorman, (tres convenient for all of the parcels that would be ordered from fave etsy sellers, as I would be stupendously wealthy if I lived here of course).
Private keyed elevator (no slumming it with elevator music - I'd bring in my own playlist), garage and a community garden, (maybe my rhubarb would grow better here than in my own vegie patch??) and they each feature a 'Neptune soaking tub'...not exactly sure what that entails, but it sounds damn fine to me. ...sigh...dreamy NYC fantasy life...
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  1. why can't, and why doesn't , every building with balconies look like this! i love this vertical planting thing it looks so fantastic.