Monday, December 14, 2009

Olden Days

 "Aether" - Type C photographic print

I'd thought I'd share some previous work, to maybe give a sense of what and where my art-making is coming from.

                                                                     " Cocoon" - wood, paint, wallpaper

It also gives me a chance, to review, take stock, and see where where it all needs to go now. Starting this blog is my way of giving myself a gigantic boot up the arse - after four fantastic years of art college (@ COFA) and a few years of attempting to "make-it" as a real artist, I delved pretty deeply into my evolving media career.

"Ghost Touch" - Type C photographic prints

But too many years of giving too much energy to the day job (which I love, by the way), and putting too many eggs in the professional basket, leaves me all a bit wonky and out of balance.

                                         "I Have Built A Solid Ship" - Type C photographic print

This blog is my attempt to "report in" every day, or as much as possible, and keep art-making front and centre. I was just reading Design Files interview with hello sandwich and that Ebony girl makes me feel mighty lazy!!!!!

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